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HDSNE Customers, (Updated April 2020)

As you know, the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic necessitates constant evaluation and revisions of plans as we navigate through this new way of doing business.

We, like you, have had to minimize our operations. We are doing our part to keep our employees, customers and community safe from the spread of the coronavirus.

We are grateful to have you as a customer and appreciate everyone’s understanding as we institute these temporary measures to keep us all safe.

Effective immediately:

HDSNE will no longer be going on-site unless of an absolute emergency and a scheduled call. We want to be respectful of your needs as well as cautious with our technicians as they enter your business and interact with those around them.

Our office is closed. In the effort to mitigate the possible spread of the coronavirus and protect the health of our employees, customers and our community. If you need an item, we will ship it.

The current “Stay at Home Orders” in place by the states we service have put us all in a unique position to no longer provide on-site support until things take a positive turn and the government edicts are lifted for the benefit of all.

ALL “Non-emergency support” MUST be emailed to:
Phone support will be reduced to Emergency ONLY from 9am-9pm
PLEASE ONLY CALL for Emergency’s to NH 603-431-3227 or NY 315-234-3271
All payments will continue to be made by our current processes:
Automatic Credit Card, ACH on file or Credit Card payment over the phone.

Thank you for your flexibility and understanding. We wish you and your family good health and wellness during this unprecedented time. We look forward, like yourselves, to restoring normal operations and getting back in business.

Michael G Wolf

Digital Dining POS
Heartland Restaurant POS